Focus on the small things without loosing sight of the big things

Today I had the privilege to listen to many MBA students that are in their second year.  Also had the great opportunity to listen to Dr. Dan Snow and his wife.  It is such a blessing to take a test from Dr. Snow, and then have him give a talk all in the same week.  These are just some of the blessings of BYU.  I’m so happy to be here, in this university today.

On pondering on what was taught, focusing on the small things.  I really feel the need to create meaningful small things that will enable me to do the big things.  In thinking about the past, I can see where I have misplaced my time and also my efforts.  I need to change that, and all it takes is to start.

I’m looking forward to next week, and being able listed to general conference.  Again to learn about all the things that I need to do or continue doing.

First 3 weeks

1weekYeah, I know, I’m bad.  First 3 weeks in the MBA and all I have to show is a sticker I found in the Sheepdog competition.  Yes… that’s the only thing I have to show.

These past few weeks have been so great, I am humbled by the people I meet.  I feel that I’m not as good as many in many areas.  I’ve also learned that I’m very good at some areas and that this is the place I need to be.  In this ride there has been 1 person that has clearly made my life easier, and that is my wife Debora.  I’m so thankful that I have her in my life.  It would be so hard to come back from school and have to deal with problems at home; instead I come to a home that is happy and many days she has more things to tell me than I have to tell her.  Nicole is the other light that shines in my life.  There is nothing more gratifying that being met with a little girl yelling “PA PA PA PA PA.”  I love you Nicole, and Happy Birthday yesterday.

Now back to school.  I am enrolled in 7 courses to make a total of 17.5 credit hours.  I could not do it, if not for the help of my teammates.  We have a new name for our team, KTO.  KTO rules!  They really are a great team to work with.  We have divided our work so that each teammate is in charge of a course, and then we teach each other what’s important.

Finally, I’m happy to be member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This safety net that surround me and my family is priceless.  The members in the community have been so giving, and I thank them.

BTW here is a better picture.

2011 MBA students