Why I will say YES to a Cummins Full-Time Offer

Globe_NAmericaFirst, I don’t have a full-time offer from Cummins, I still have about 4 weeks left on my internship.  Today I was thinking, if I had an offer would I accept it?  Then I came up with a different question, Even if I don’t have an offer, would I tell Cummins that I would accept any offer?

The answer that came to my mind was very powerful.  The answer is YES.  Would I work for free? NO. Would I work without any benefits? NO.  So, clearly I wouldn’t work for Cummins under any circumstance, but here is why I’m not worried about saying yes before knowing the offer:

  1. Even knowing that I will say YES, Cummins will offer me a competitive compensation package, because that is the right thing to do.
  2. Any position that I am offered will be as good as any other starting point.
  3. I will not be pigeon holed into a set area of interest, I will be able to move and find the areas that challenge and interest me.
  4. Within Cummins I will be able to fulfill my desire of becoming an international executive.
  5. Cummins is interested in being my career partner, and I am interested in building value for Cummins in the short and long term.