3 Down and 1 to go

MBAI really feels like football and I’m on the 3rd down and 1 yard to go.

There are so many things that I have learned in the last 3 semesters that is hard to do a mental re-cap.  But there are a few things that I want to write about:

  1. Living meagerly: As a student with limited employment there is no room for luxury, hey there isn’t room for treats or some basics; but doing so helps you understand so many other things about life.  Parents, friends and relatives that help you are able to reach well into your heart.  Gifts that in other times, might seem small are now cherished possessions.  Getting used clothes, makes you understand how precious donating is.  A wrapped gift on your doorstop wipes gray clouds in Christmas.
  2. Be humble and true: If you are learning about rejection daily you are either single, a student or both.  There has never been a time when I’ve gotten rejected by employers so much as the past few months.  All the rejection helps you stay humble, know what are your weaknesses and areas where you can do better.  The other thing that rejection teaches you is that you need to be true, there are things that you are good at and no one can take them away.  I am an experienced individual that has done business in many different countries. I am a person that can understand complex problems and explain them with ease.  I am an analytical person that loves to tell the story behind the numbers.  Being true and being humble will help you succeed in life, and getting rejected helps you know which are weaknesses and which are strengths.
  3. Never stop improving: The more people I meet that I see as role models, the more I see that they never stop improving.  These individuals read different authors and stories.  They are interested in business, art, fiction, technology, humanities, and news.  I thought I was good before coming to business school, but I see that I can be so much more.  It will take time, it will take effort, but I want to do it.  Here I am, writing to an audience of probably zero, when I could be taking a nap, but I just love thinking and expressing my ideas.
  4. Connecting with people (networking):  I’ve written about “Never eat Alone” and about networking, but now I don’t see it as networking I see it as connecting with people.  Before coming to business school I met many people, but never did I actually connected with them.  Now every time I meet someone, I want to connect with them, I want them to continue to be part of my life.  The more I help people, the more blessings that come into my life.  I’m so happy to hear good news from the people I know, and I wouldn’t be privileged to hear them if I had never connected with them.

I still have 1 semester to go, one final yard.  I’m so happy to have come to BYU and be part of the Marriott MBA experience.