6 Month Update

I guess I should have named it differently, not a 6 month update but rather “Just Lately.”  In the last few weeks I’ve continue to work on the family blog more than on this blog.  Seems that there is more material coming in from my family life than from my professional life.

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Do mere mortals need secure email?

The more I learn about the NSA spying into emails and all other information I have to think if we really need to move to a secure way of communication.  The problem with email is that the only way to have secure communication is if both endpoints encrypt the information going out and decrypt once the information is at the other endpoint.  You can achieve this, like in most corporations, when you control both endpoints and the system in between.

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A Small Step Forward

2013-09-28-13.22.32A week ago I had the chance of participating in the Columbus Mill Race 5K. Although to many that might seem like an insignificant acomplishment, it was the  first part of my journey.  A few months back I laid a plan for me to get there.  It had been almost 10 years since my last organized race, and this is only my second experience.

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So you want to write a Blog

So I’m sure there are a lot of sites that can help you create a blog, what I want to detail here is for you to have a blog like this one.  So it’ll be more of an introspection than a how to, but hopefully at the end you’ll say “YES, I can do this.”

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Thanks for listening Dockers.com

A few weeks back I wrote about my experience with Dockers.com.  A few days back I received an email from them.
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Request for Feedback :: Recruiting

I have been selected to help with the recruiting efforts for Cummins College Recruiting at Brigham Young University’s MBA Program.  I am super excited, this is probably one of the best assignments I could have received.

  1. I get to go visit BYU
  2. I get to tell others about my experience at Cummins
  3. I get to meet great students

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Dear Dockers.com

Alpha Khaki - RivieraToday I wanted to purchase these pants on your website, but alas you don’t have my size. It is true you probably created some algorithm that told you that this style might not appeal to certain waist/length combination, and I get that.  My problem is that there is no way to let you know that there is one customer that wants it, mas the motivation to buy it, and the ability to do so.  Your algorithm has no feedback, and unless you fix that it will never do.

So please, if you read this, adjust your algorithm so that on your next round you save one W40 x L30 Alpha Khaki Riviera pants for me.