What is love?

A few days I go I wrote about being grateful, and of the life of a teacher.  Today I was listening to a BYU Devotional by Dallan Moody titled: What Happens When Life Gets
One Degree Colder? Moody shares part of his life having a child with special needs and all the miracles that he experienced because of this child.

I was particularly touched by a quote he used from  a message given by Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in July 2004, “Miracles of 
Faith.”  The quote is this:

Mothers and fathers 
who anxiously await the arrival of a precious child sometimes learn that all is not well with this tiny infant. A missing limb, sightless eyes, 
a damaged brain . . . greets the parents, leaving them baffled, filled with sorrow, and reaching out for hope.

There follows 
the inevitable blaming of oneself, the condemnation of a careless action, and the perennial questions: “Why such a tragedy in our family?” . . . 
“How did this happen?” “Where was God?” “Where was a protecting angel?” If, why, where, how—those recurring words—do not bring back the 
lost son, the perfect body, the plans of parents, or the dreams of youth. Self-pity, personal withdrawal, or deep despair will not bring the 
peace, the assurance, or help which are needed. Rather, we must go forward, look upward, move onward, and rise heavenward.

is imperative that we recognize that whatever has happened to us has happened to others. They have coped and so must we. We are not alone. 
Heavenly Father’s help is near.”

I remembered seeing my new born girl through a glass as doctors put on her the life support she needed.  I remember how strong the feeling of “WHY?” came over me.  After listening to this devotional all those memories came back.  Although my girl is  still very small for her age, she is a healthy girl.  I can’t imagine a life without her, but also I can’t imagine how else I could have learned to trust God, if not by all the trials we went through.  I’m not saying my life is in anyway comparable to that of Dallan Mooney or teacher Jeffrey Wright, I’m just saying that when you start questioning why, you might be missing the miracles within you.

You can listen to the devotional or go to speeches.byu.edu.

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