Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Book Cover Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter
Liz Wiseman

Wonderful book about becoming better by helping those around us excel. Liz Wiseman wrote an article in the blog from Harvard Business Review and I was hooked. You can find the article about Smart Leaders here: I tried to sumarize, mainly so that I don't forget the key points down below.  You can find more information in The Wiseman Group website.

Traits of Multipliers

  • Talent Magnet
  • Liberator
  • Debate Maker
  • Challenger
  • Investor

Talent Magnet

The Four Practices of the Talent Magnet

  1. Look for Talent Everywhere
    1. Appreciate all types of genius
    2. Ignore boundaries
  2. Find People’s Native Genius
    1. Look for what is native
    2. Label it
  3. Utilize People to Their Fullest
    1. Connect people with opportunities
    2. Shine a spotlight
  4. Remove the Blockers
    1. Get rid of prima donnas
    2. Get out of the way

Becoming a Talent Magnet

  1. Become a genius watcher
  2. Pull some weeds


The Three Practices of the Liberator

  1. Create Space
    1. Release others by restraining yourself
    2. Shift the ratio of listening to talking
    3. Operate consistently
    4. Level the playing field
  2. Demand Best Work
    1. Defend the standard
    2. Distinguish best work from outcomes
  3. Generate Rapid Learning Cycles
    1. Admit and share mistakes
    2. Insist on learning from mistakes

Becoming a Liberator

  1. Play your chips
  2. Label your opinions
  3. Make your mistakes known


The Three Practices of the Challenger

  1. Seed the Opportunity
    1. Show the need
    2. Challenge the assumptions
    3. Reframe problems
    4. Create a starting point
  2. Lay Down a Challenge
    1. Extend a concrete challenge
    2. Ask the hard questions
    3. Let others fill in the blanks
  3. Generate Belief in What Is Possible
    1. Helicopter down
    2. Lay out a path
    3. Co-create the plan
    4. Orchestrate an early win

Becoming a Challenger

  1. Ask a leading question
  2. Take a bus trip
  3. Take a massive baby step

Debate Maker

The Three Practices of the Debate Maker

  1. Frame the Issue
    1. Define the question
    2. Form the team
    3. Assemble the data
    4. Frame the decision
  2. Spark the Debate
    1. Create safety for best thinking
    2. Demand rigor
  3. Drive a Sound Decision
    1. Reclarify the decision-making process
    2. Make the decision
    3. Communicate the decision and rationale

Becoming a Debate Maker

  1. Ask the hard question
  2. Ask for the data
  3. Ask each person


The Three Practices of the Investor

  1. Define Ownership
    1. Name the lead
    2. Give ownership for the end goal
    3. Stretch the role
  2. Invest Resources
    1. Teach and coach
    2. Provide backup
  3. Hold People Accountable
    1. Give it back
    2. Expect complete work
    3. Respect natural consequences
    4. Make the scoreboard visible

Becoming an Investor

  1. Let them know who is boss
  2. Let nature take its course
  3. Ask for the F-I-X
  4. Hand back the pen