Request for Feedback :: Recruiting

I have been selected to help with the recruiting efforts for Cummins College Recruiting at Brigham Young University’s MBA Program.  I am super excited, this is probably one of the best assignments I could have received.

  1. I get to go visit BYU
  2. I get to tell others about my experience at Cummins
  3. I get to meet great students

Now I’m worried about how to be great, how to meaningfully contribute, and how to represent Cummins well.  As a student I had a few examples of some great recruiters, and some really bad ones.  I was also fortunate enough to meet great alumni.  I want to share some traits that I want to emulate, but need your feedback as to others that I have missed.

reality-checkReality Check

There has never been a better learning experience than an activity with a recruiter where he went through the pile of resumes and read the them and gave his 5 second first impression.  When I heard my name and then the recruiter said: “reports! Boooring.” I knew that I needed to work on my resume.  Recruiters give that reality check, being also an Alumni I hope that the reality check can be in a safe environment where the person can grow.

medical_red_thermometer_2Correct Thermometer

There is nothing sadder than thinking you did great, just to find out the company is not interested in you.  The expression: “Just tell me NO so I can move on” should never be said by the people you are trying to recruit.  A good recruiter should be frank and honest, and allow the person to seek other opportunities.  I want to be a good thermometer allowing students to be effective.

Be As Open as Your Boundaries

I believe that we all have boundaries, and they should be respected; but I also feel that recruiters should be under the obligation to be that point of contact.  Here are some general rules for those that will be reaching me.

  • If we’ve never met, introduce your self, tell me why we should meet, send me your resume.  I will always reply that I have received your message, if I’m interested I will request further information, if you never hear back to me, you can move on.
  • If we’ve met, and I’ve asked you for further information, send it in a timely manner; if I don’t get the info I’ll take it that you’ve moved on.
  • If you request information, I will always reply that I have received your message and a time of when I believe I can have that information.  IF I don’t send you the info by the time I stipulated, please call me on it. DON’T email me about it before the time is up.
  • Don’t call me unless we set up some time to talk, or I’ve given you the “call me anytime.”
  • Feel free to add me on Linkedin or Twitter; don’t friend me on Facebook.
Please, Please leave a comment; I want to see if my boundaries are correct.

payitforwardBe Kind, Pay Forward

I loved when recruiters put themselves in your shoes and are kind. They understand that you have homework, and classes.  They are forgiving and teach you when you screw up because you are nervous.  I want to be that type of recruiter that is interested in the person and allows them to grow.  I do want to meet new people, so please seek ways to meet me.  In the end I want to pay forward everything that was given to me by generous people that had only good intentions, and gave me a chance.

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