A Small Step Forward

2013-09-28-13.22.32A week ago I had the chance of participating in the Columbus Mill Race 5K. Although to many that might seem like an insignificant acomplishment, it was the  first part of my journey.  A few months back I laid a plan for me to get there.  It had been almost 10 years since my last organized race, and this is only my second experience.

My next step is a half marathon, and I still don’t know which one.  I think I would like to register for the one in Bloomington, IN.  It’s in April, so it will keep me busy during the fall and winter.  I would then want to do another by the end of the summer.  Still not sure if I wan to do the one here in Columbus or one in the Smokey Mountains.

Here is the course and the results from the race”RouteResults

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