Mind your Mobile Readers

As I look at the viewers of the family blog, I can see that more and more people are consuming the content from mobile platforms. From the report I pulled up from Google Analytics you can see that the total Desktop readers fell from 71% to 57%; most of them are now replaced by mobile users, both tablets but mainly phones.

google analyticas desktop mobileI do all my blogging from my PC, so I consume, and see my posts from a desktop perspective.  Have you checked how your website looks from a phone?

If you come to your site and it looks terrible, fix it!  The easiest way is to use a theme that recognizes your screen, not only if you are using a mobile platform, this way people will always have the best experience depending on the devices they are using.



Backing up in WordPress

So I have been doing this blog for now 2 years, wow time flies, and I have been doing regular backups, and all of them manually.  So I open up my host’s cpanel and downloaded the database backups, then I would go to the each site’s wp-admin and created an xml file.  Sometimes I would also do a backup of the child-themes I’m using.  I have gotten quite fast at it even, probably 15 minutes max, if the connection is fast.

A few days back I started to think, there has to be a better way.  I saw several options, but were paid.  I really didn’t want to pay another $5/month for something that I could do for 15min every week; then I saw an article on wpbegginer.com – How to Create a Complete WordPress Backup for Free with BackWPup So today, I gave it a go  I tried it with the smallest installation I had, 10 minutes later I had configured and ran the backup.  I moved to the other sites, and I had it.  So try out BackWPup.

I backup the database, the child-theme & the xml export, every week to my Dropbox; just like I did before, but now I don’t spend 15 minutes everyweek, plus it always happens.  I just get an email telling me that it went through.  I wasted 26 hours doing this for the past 2 years, in 15 minutes I’m set for the future.


Playing Catch up

Our family went to Guatemala in September, we spent about a month out there with our family, it was a great trip.  Now I’m trying to play catch up and preserve our adventure in our family blog.  It almost feels like a part-time job; editing pictures, laying the format and flow, and then writing the post.

Each post I try to limit to about 300 words, but it seems like I can’t put everything in such a limited word count.  For most I’m close to 1,000 words, and the last one was 1,200 words.  And it’s not that I sit down to write so much, is just that I want to convey the feeling and preserve the memories.

I’m very grateful that I have the medium to remember what we did and share it with others.  I still get excited about doing it, and I like it so it is not a burden, I just look back and I’m amazed.  I really hope that someone finds as much value to what I’m doing, but if not I am fine with just how rewarding it is to remember.

I started with the desire to write 15 posts of our adventures in Guatemala, it looks more that I’m going to write 11, and I just have 3 more posts to write; meanwhile I’m behind on the things we are doing, so it’s a catch up game.  Hopefully I’ll have some quiet time to finish, yeah right ::SIGH::

Long pause … Resume

After reading this post from Gina Trapani I figured that I too need to change what I consider worthy blogging material.

Too long I’ve had ideas that I want to put out, but just burden myself with the to-do’s to get them completed. “I need better images,” “I need more references,” “Have I documented all the steps”

I this point I will stop all this non-sense and just write, hopefully I will be able to write more, more often and less scripted.

This is the new blog

Up Your Game :: Show Up

A series of stories about networking using the  framework from the book Up Your Game by David BradfordShowing Up, is the networking aspect of being aware of the world around you and participating actively in it.

I arrived early to the sports bar knowing that the USA vs Germany was going to draw a large crowd. I was also excited to meet with friends for lunch, but more excited to meet someone fromCorporate Recruiting.  I’m not very outgoing, but networking is important to me. I see it as finding opportunities to serve rather than being social.  The server took me to my table —not the best spot—and I waited for the rest of the party.  “Are you Arturo?” a friendly face asked,  I must have nodded, because the next line was: “Hi, I’m Elisabeth.”

I remember now reading in Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone” about Connectors, people that are well connected. I kept thinking: “When will I ever find someone like that.”  Well now I know Elisabeth.  Lunch was great, the game awful. I kept finding myself amazed of how many people Elisabeth would greet in the tables close by and people walking next to us.  Was she that elusive Connector, she asked me a few things: my work, my hobbies, my family.  I can now picture her mental rolodex spining trying to find a connection, where to *click*.  After I told her about my young daughter she said: “I have a friend, who also has a young family, I think you should meet him.” *CLICK*

We finished lunch, I offered to connect back with her.  I got to my desk, I had an email from Elisabeth addressed to me and her friend, making the connection. Wow, this is a connector that knows how to follow up. *Double Click* I didn’t do anything, I only showed up.

Up Your Game :: Start Up

I’ve been reading this week the book “Up Your Game” by David Bradford.  One the the principles he talks about is Start Up.

I wanted to share a story about this principle…

So the story goes back 2 years ago when I was an Intern and my friend Liva R. was also interning.  Liva had a co-worker Chizuki W., also an intern; Liva had asked me for some help with an excel project.  I took some time off my day, and we completed the project.  When Chizuki was having some questions about an excel problem she was having, Liva mentioned my name.

I spent probably 1-2 hours helping Chizuki build her excel workbook, and she was very greatful.  She invited me to go to lunch with her and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend, Richard also works here in the company.  For the lunch, Richard came with his co-worker, Joby. We had a good time.

2 years later Richard and Joby were looking for an employee to highlight in their series “A Day in the Life” for the company recruiting page.  For some reason, they think of me, Joby sends a message to Chizuki and they contact me.  They do a video, a photo session and a web post.  (Still not public, will update when it is available)  All because I decided to help a friend with a project.