Changing my Ways

UPDATE: It has been a month and I’ve lost 12 pounds and almost 2 inches in waist.  I feel well, but this winter continues to make it really hard to go running.

Imagine that you are hired to do a marketing campaign for a new product.  The product has worked on other segments of the market, but you are specifically to target a specific segment.  This segment, has a very small population, it is one individual.  There is an extraordinarily high pay off, this segment is YOU.

What do yo do to engage this market segment?  What is the strategy, where your planning and objectives are so transparent that there cannot be any hidden agenda.  Here are some of my thoughts, but alas, they might not work with your chosen segment.

I want to change my eating habits, I want to reverse the effects of insulin resistance, and want to be and feel healthier.  I am now on a no-sugar, no-starch diet; or low-carb high fat.

Marketing directly to me has proven both insightful and difficult.  Market research becomes a very deep introspection about my habits.  One thing that has been helpful is remembering what I wrote about the book: “The Power of Habit.” I do have many habits that are tied to my lifestyle, and I want to break them.

So the things that are not habit based, but rather availability of product and reasons to believe are also important.  I need to inform myself about how I can change and the why.  You can see the resources I’ve been using to have those RTB. I understand that I have motivation and ability which require information, rather than just cues.

My KPI right now is only weight and waist size; those 2 parameters should indicate progress.  I am measuring my glucose levels, but right now they are normal so it wouldn’t show progress.  Also overall wellness and energy levels are important, but hard to measure.

I hope to add some updates into this adventure.



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