Up Your Game :: Start Up

I’ve been reading this week the book “Up Your Game” by David Bradford.  One the the principles he talks about is Start Up.

I wanted to share a story about this principle…

So the story goes back 2 years ago when I was an Intern and my friend Liva R. was also interning.  Liva had a co-worker Chizuki W., also an intern; Liva had asked me for some help with an excel project.  I took some time off my day, and we completed the project.  When Chizuki was having some questions about an excel problem she was having, Liva mentioned my name.

I spent probably 1-2 hours helping Chizuki build her excel workbook, and she was very greatful.  She invited me to go to lunch with her and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend, Richard also works here in the company.  For the lunch, Richard came with his co-worker, Joby. We had a good time.

2 years later Richard and Joby were looking for an employee to highlight in their series “A Day in the Life” for the company recruiting page.  For some reason, they think of me, Joby sends a message to Chizuki and they contact me.  They do a video, a photo session and a web post.  (Still not public, will update when it is available)  All because I decided to help a friend with a project.


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