Up Your Game :: Show Up

A series of stories about networking using the  framework from the book Up Your Game by David BradfordShowing Up, is the networking aspect of being aware of the world around you and participating actively in it.

I arrived early to the sports bar knowing that the USA vs Germany was going to draw a large crowd. I was also excited to meet with friends for lunch, but more excited to meet someone fromCorporate Recruiting.  I’m not very outgoing, but networking is important to me. I see it as finding opportunities to serve rather than being social.  The server took me to my table —not the best spot—and I waited for the rest of the party.  “Are you Arturo?” a friendly face asked,  I must have nodded, because the next line was: “Hi, I’m Elisabeth.”

I remember now reading in Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone” about Connectors, people that are well connected. I kept thinking: “When will I ever find someone like that.”  Well now I know Elisabeth.  Lunch was great, the game awful. I kept finding myself amazed of how many people Elisabeth would greet in the tables close by and people walking next to us.  Was she that elusive Connector, she asked me a few things: my work, my hobbies, my family.  I can now picture her mental rolodex spining trying to find a connection, where to *click*.  After I told her about my young daughter she said: “I have a friend, who also has a young family, I think you should meet him.” *CLICK*

We finished lunch, I offered to connect back with her.  I got to my desk, I had an email from Elisabeth addressed to me and her friend, making the connection. Wow, this is a connector that knows how to follow up. *Double Click* I didn’t do anything, I only showed up.

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