Update 4: On Kaizen and The Collect App

Back on the saddle again, posted 2 posts this weeks on FamMijangos.com.  It feels good to stay on course, I also noticed that I was faster at editing images and writing, I was surprised that I wrote almost 500 words in an hour.

So going back to my original post on Kaizen, this is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to improve, and the only way is by practicing.  I want to share our family adventures, and I want to do it well, and I guess I want to write it faster too.

Another thing that I found this week was The Collect App, several websites said that the App was a great help when doing the 365 Photo Challenges.  It has been a great motivator to see my images, one by one start filling up my calendar (I’ll share the calendar at the end).

Another thing that happended yesterday, with regards to this Challenge was that it was around 9pm.  I had forgoten to take a picture and just didn’t feel like it.  But I didn’t want to break the stretch, so I just put my phone and took a picture infront of the mirror.  It was so simple, yet it boosted my confidence that I can do this challenge, even if I only take dumb pictures like that.  So today I’m happy, and see th images bellow.

365 Photo Challenge

Calendar using Collect
Calendar using Collect

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