Update 5: On Good Times and Bad Times

This week I published the post Un procedimiento impresionante(An Impressive Procedure), which tells our experience with TAC (Trans-Abdominal Cerclage), where the uterus, with a baby inside, is taken out and the upper part of the cervix stitched to prevent the baby coming early.

I debated whether we should publish that or not, was it TMI or was it just reality.  Looking at FamMijangos.com you would think that our family is always happy, no trial, just fun times.  I don’t want that, I also don’t want to be a pity party, but I want to maintain that balance.

I saw this week a post on 71toes.com, and the author also struggled with that reality.  She even has a page (keeping it real) with a list of post of examples of not so happy times.  So I do see that others are struggling with these types of decisions.

I do think that there are things that you shouldn’t share to the public, but I do want to have a balanced output of our family dynamics.  What do you think it’s the right balance?

And here are the pictures of the week:

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