Weekly update #2

So this is the second week of doing both the 356 Photo Challenge and sticking to a posting routine on FamMijangos.com.  It feels like I’m constanly having to think that I need to write more, edit pictures, playing catchup.  At the same time, when I look at what I’m able to accomplish, I’m amazed that I’m able to do all this.

This process has also allowed me to see where I need to grow: better pictures, better stories, writing faster, editing faster.  Every week is a sprint, I’m only able to stay ahead maybe a day or two.

I’m only posting on Mondays and Wednesday, sometimes I will post on Fridays, but only if I can (which is going to be hard).  I am also doing a #TBT where I’ll post something on Facebook from a few years back.

Here are my images from the last week (there are 5 this week, because I haven’t taken one today.

365 Photo Challenge

Jan 04 – Jan 08


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