Update 6: Use of Video

MeEncantaVerTemploNikiHawianaThis week, not really planning for it, my posts on FamMijangos.com where primarily videos. I haven’t been very successful with videos, first I don’t have a good recording device and second, I’m always in terrible lighting conditions. This week one of the videos also had poor sound, so I know I am beyond help.

In spite of all these conditions, the posts did pretty well. It helps that both feature a cute 4 year old, singing and dancing. It’s just so weird for me to post bad material, and people like them. I guess is goes back to having a meaningful message, and people can forgive the medium.

Readers are not expecting professional videos, with perfect lighting and high resolution. They are content with me allowing, an otherwise closed, door into our family. In 20 years, it won’t matter to my children that the quality was bad, but rather that it is available.

I am learning to forgive myself more, I shouldn’t expect perfect material, it should be the best I can; but not to limit my output due to quality. The value is in opening those doors, hopefully by doing so I will get better.

Again, my objective is for FamMijangos.com to be a record of our family’s history, the most important part is not perfect quality, but continuity. So I will continue to work on my imperfection, someday I’ll produce better videos, for now readers will have to bear with me.

365 Photo Challenge

So I completed the first month, 31 days of picking up a camera and shooting. Here is January, and the 7 pictures for this week (Friday Jan 29 – Thursday Feb 5).


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