Update 9: Points of Friction

Yesterday I picked up my car from the shop after being down for a few days due to trouble with my power steering.  Turns out that  the return line had a leak, and it exacerbated after the deep freeze we had these past weeks.  The leak was caused by the line coming free from a pin and being in constant friction with another metal in the chassis.

094 - Points of friction

As I looked at it, and being mad that the friction caused me to replace the whole line and paid for someone to spend a few hours putting it on, I thought about other things that could be causing friction in my life. Working for an engine manufacturer I know that friction is what you always want to avoid. Metal on metal friction can cause so many problems. So looking back, there so many times that I have let friction into my relationships.

Knowing that love is the balm that heals and also prevents these frictions; we choose not to be encircled by it; and thus have those friction points. We might think that having a well oiled machine that runs smooth is not exiting, there is no fun in that. Certainly an engine with sparks flying and fire spewing from the exhaust might look exiting; but how long will it last?

This post might be deeper than I intended, but just wanted to share my thoughts as I pondered on the events of this week.

365 Photo Challenge

I’m amazed that I have been able to do this, and continue doing so.  February is almost over and I’m happy to share the results.

February 2015

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