Get Back Up

What a crazy week it has been! I’ve been in 6Sigma training for the 4th week and last one. I’ve been really struggling with trying to fit all aspects of my life, so the lowest priorities tend to fall out. This week, I only wrote once on the blog, and failed to take 2 pictures during the week.

I thought that at any time I failed to take pictures I would just give up the whole project, but I like taking these images. I’m not great, but I do believe I’ve been getting better. Very far from having a style, but I’m starting to prefer a few things over others. Definitely struggle taking pictures of people, I’m not good at looking at the details so faces move or give up on an image. I do like landscapes, urban landscapes, some architecture, and just random things I find as I walk on the streets. I wish I could be better at journalistic images.

Photo Challenge Week 13

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