Getting over being overwhelmed

I’m here writing this post, because the post I should be writing is not moving forward, because I feel overwhelm.  What I’m going to tell you is not a magic pill of how to write the post you want to write.  It is not the solution from going from a pile of picture to the perfect 9 images for your post.  Last year I wrote a process I use to go from a pile of images to a post, but just starting can be overwhelming.

My hope is for you to move from doing nothing to doing something. Here are 3 things to consider:

  1. You wanted to do this.  When you started there was a goal: you wanted to share, to record, to remember, or just write.  Remember that goal, at that starting point there were no strings, no word counts, no minimum number of images, no perfection implied.  reconnect with that feeling.
  2. Baby steps, small bite, one step at a time, or any other cliché. You took 600 pictures on your trip, you need 5 and can’t decide? Does it matter? You found one that you really like? Use it only that. No time to write 1,000 words to describe your epic adventure?  Write a paragraph and move on.
  3. You are the author, you pick what gets recorded.  Yes you had a lot of adventures, but you get to decide what gets recorded.  Move to the next exciting thing; better to have a hole than to stop the story.

Now pick a topic and start writing; you might even surprise how much you accomplish.


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