What I want my blog to be when it grows up…

I’ve been looking at websites, blogs, pinterest and following links trying to find a good example of what I want for my family blog (FamMijangos.com).

I had some good guiding points, I mean there are some really good work out there.  I didn’t want the blog to be a product review site.  I didn’t want to be a soap box.  I truly wanted a family meet up.

Here are some place that I think are really good.

  1. 71 Toes (71toes.com):  This is a great blog that started with just a few posts.  As time went by the followers grew.  Shawni, the author, is a good example of constant writing.  I’m impressed by the amount of writing she does.  The site is also a great example of a simple setup and wonderful images.
  2. Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows (JocelynAndJason.blogspot.com): This blog is this persistent flow of good vibes.  I don’t read the posts, because I don’t think I’m the intended audience, but I’m sure the children and family members love reading it.  Jocelyn, the author, chronicles the adventures of her children.  She strives to capture the minutia that truly are the essence of our lives.
  3. The Anderson Crew Blog (theandersoncrewblog.com): This is a really cool site, minus the product placement.  It chronicles the lives of a family with several children, and the quirks and personalities of all the members.  I love the energy of the images, and wish I had a cool logo for my images, one day I want a watermark for my images.

I want to highlight a site I recently found, that really is what I want when my blog grows up:  www.laceymeyersphotography.com.  This is a great blog and great images, the theme is professional and modern.  All the images tell a story, but there is also a story behind the images, very cool.

I know that what I have right now makes sense, but at some point the blog will have to grow up.  I’ve talked to a few bloggers and it seems that around year 5-7 things really pick up; this is when the audience grows.  I’m only been doing this for a few years now, and my audience are my Facebook friends; maybe other people will find interesting my adventures, just as I found valuable these sites.  Only time will tell.

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