That age

I believe I’m now at the age were I have to say no to certain milk products 🙁 No more pastrami swis cheese burgers for me. And to think we just met.

Facebook’s Pictures Pet Pieve

I seriously love the way I can share pictures on facebook, it really is a great way to interact with family and friends. I love to upload pictures from my phone or my camera. I’m not a great photographer, ok I’m NOT a photographer at all, I just take pictures. Most are family pictures, me, my wife and daughter Nicole. I like to share those pictures with my friends.

My wife also likes to take pictures, mostly from her iphone, and almost exclusively of Nicole. My wife started taking daily pictures of Nicole’s outfits and accomplishments and uploading them to facebook. We put privacy setting such that only our friends can see the pictures, but not all of my friends are also my wife’s friends on facebook. I have college friends, and previous coworkers where we don’t overlap. So then facebook’s privacy setting start to break. We don’t want to share our pictures to all the friends of our friends, we want to share them with all the friends of our husband or wife.

The options are to post on both our profiles, but that defeats the purpose of everyone posting comments on the same pictures. Also my wife and I have the same friends on facebook, so to most of our friends they will see we are posting things twice.

The solution, not yet implemented by facebook, have shared albums. This way, we would get the best of both worlds. We would act as 1 entity, and say we want only the collection of OUR friends (all of my wife’s friends and all of my friends) to see our pictures. Same would be for videos.

I’ve posted this on the facebook feedback, let’s see if it’s implemented some time.

A day without my computer

So I forgot my computer today at my home. What was I to do. My wife had driven me to work, so there was no way to get home. So I decided to do an experiment, see if my backup solution was adequate. I borrowed an old machine from IT, and logged on.

1) All work files are stored on a server, here in my office. So all current documents were readily available.
2) Email I have 2 account. One is on an exchange server, and current email is stored on the server. I do a weekly backup, and stored both locally, on an external disk, remotely. I didn’t have the local copy so I went and used the one on the external disk. My other account is on gmail, so I didn’t have to do anything, webmail rocks.
3) Some files that I only had on my laptop, had not yet been backed up, so I turned to my faithful MOZY backup. I went to the online service, logged in and did a web restore. I selected the files that I needed and in a few minutes I had them.
4) My local backup was even good to listen to some music during the day.

In the end, I realized that my laptop is not more than a thick client, only used for processing, but not storage. If I were to loose my laptop I would lose my configurations, but not my important files. Although I realized today, that I should include my desktop in the backup. I had to search the web for some files that I had downloaded recently. So tomorrow a few clicks and Mozy will go at it.

BTW, and so excited that I won a full year free with Mozy, they rock!

Back to posting

I’ve been away for some time, and I would like to come back to posting. Not sure if I’ll post in english or spanish, I will decide on the way. What I will do is post some stuff with back dates so that the pictures come out in cronological order.

thanks all.

Los Ultimos Dias

acs_logoPues ya estoy en los ultimos dias de mi tiempo en ACS. Es bastante dificil poder dejar algo donde he estado por los ultimos 4 años. Desde que empeze a trabajar aqui, me gusto el ambiente, me gusto el hecho que todo era territorio sin recorrer. Tenia libertad de crear, de explorar y aprender. Empeze como Controlador de producción y tenía a mi cargo varias lineas de negocio. Aprendi a administrar servidores, a ver muchas cosas a la vez y en ocaciones no podia dormir de pensar en todos los procesos que tenía a mi cargo.
Luego pase a ser Division Manager. Alli estuve 1 año con todos los altibajos posibles. Por ultimo estuve como gerente de Desarrollo. Fue una parte muy demandante y muy gratificante. Pero ya se acabo.