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Number of PostsViews and visitors are not the focus of my blog, but boy how I love to see the graphs. I find myself hitting the refresh on the “Stats” page over and over, especially if I published something that day. There is something magical about publishing something, posting it on facebook and seeing people come to the site. There is excitement in having something meaningful being read by others.

December was a record month, and then February broke the record again with over 650 views. And I know all this is small potatoes to most sites, but this is my baby. As I look at the numbers, when I post something on facebook people come, sometimes new posts bring people, sometimes old posts on Thursdays bring people to the site. Small posts are good, videos are better; things I know, but so hard to produce.

The main thing, the real cause to this bigger numbers is really that I’ve been publishing 2 posts every week and doing a #TBT on Thursdays, it’s just having new content and opening that window to our home. I’m happy that I have this window, where we can share out happy moments and our sad times.

As you can see from the number of posts on the left, and the views on top; the more I write the more people come to the site; and that makes me want to write more, and happy that I’m doing it.

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